No Mans Land


No Man's Land


           Throughout time, humans have developed systems of influence with and over one another. By engaging with military, football, power, propaganda, and government, Shawn Campbell’s work examines the complementary concepts that arise through a horizontal comparison and interrogation of these specific topics. The result of this investigation is the work’s ability to pull a common thread of spectacle through civil, financial, and political influence. Amidst these ideas, key systems appear, granting pieces within the overall body of work the ability to collaborate with one another through aesthetics and language - working in a broad and open manner, presenting questions and granting the viewer the opportunity to connect within the work openly. The concept of violence is intertwined throughout the work. Campbell utilizes physical and psychological play in order to point out how violence has become a central and fundamental facet of contemporary culture.

     Battle Rattle, Multi material sculpture, 2017


    Domestic Impact, Multi material sculpture, 2018


   Above All Others, Multi material sculpture, 2017


     Victory Is In The Eye Of The Beholder, Archival inkjet print, 2018


    Red Zone, Mixed material sculpture, 2018


       Mind Over Body, Multi material sculpture. 2017


There was a turtle by the name of Bert

And Bert the turtle was very alert;

When danger threatened him he never got hurt

He knew just what to do...

He’d duck! 

And cover! 

Burned panel, 2018


   Compet - O - Matic, Multi material sculpture, 2017


          Live life as if you will die tomorrow, Multi material sculpture, 2018



   Kill Like A Champion Today, Multi material Sculpture, 2017


                   Follow me till the end, Multi material sculpture, 2017


See You At The Game, Multi material sculpture, 2018


     Untitled, Mixed material sculpture, 2018


     The only way, Multi material sculpture, 2018


         Mobile non-site, Multi material sculpture, 2018

        Go, Win, Fight, Multi material sculpture, 2018


    Havoc Graph, Archival inkjet print, 2018